Thursday, October 17, 2013

Introducing the Classroom Lighthouse Series

The 16-9 Movement was formed to encourage, equip and empower educators to be legal and graceful Christians in the public schools. By knowing the first 16 words of the Constitution and living out the 9 Fruit(s) of the Spirit, we glorify God for His gift of teaching. (for more information, please read our first post by clicking here ) We are very excited to have a guest blogger join us with his Classroom Lighthouse Series: Teacher! Take Courage! Don Clark is the Houston Area director for CEAI and award winning educator who has recently retired to grow closer in his walk with the Lord. Please feel free to share with your colleagues.

Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified because of
them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will neither leave you
nor forsake you.  (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Dialogues* and First Day of Class

“I have a twelve year old student who entered my class reading ten words.  I am being held accountable for him to pass a modified 5th grade level reading exam. He is ADHD with severe behavior issues.  (Kelly Carson, 5th Grade Special Education)

“Be strong and courageous.” (God)

“The district did not hire another junior high earth science teacher and I have several classes with over 35 students.
I only have 30 desks. My rosters total more than 175 students, more than I’ve ever had in my fifteen year career.”                                                                                        (Rolando Garza, 7th Grade Science)

“Be strong and courageous.” (God)

“The student with the swastika tattoos got agitated in my class today. He stood up and shouted at me. He began yelling and told me I should perform an obscene sexual act upon him.  I called his mother after school.  He had already gotten home and told her lies about the incident.  She yelled at me on the phone. She said she was calling the principal to lodge a complaint against me.”                                              (Natasha Lu, 9th thru 12th Grade Health)

“Be strong and courageous.” (God)

“I have worked twenty years at the same school.  I am being transferred to a new school.  I only know two of the other staff members that will be there.”                (Deanna Witherspoon, 3rd Grade)

“Be strong and courageous.” (God)
            The new students enter your class. As you have been taught, you stand at the door.  You warmly shake each of their hands and verbally welcome them. You make them feel comfortable and direct them to their seats. After the last student enters you shut the classroom door and begin walking to the front of your classroom.  Do you see the man standing at the front of the class where you usually stand?  Do you see Jesus? 
            He is standing there holding out a nail pierced hand and he is looking you in the eye with more passion and compassion than you have ever seen in your life. When you reach out and take his hand he does not say, “Good morning,” or “Hello.”  He says, “Be strong and courageous. I will help you lead these young people to their promised lands, to the hope and future our Father has planned for them, but only if you listen, stand for me, keep your eyes on me, ask questions when you don’t understand, follow my directions, and complete the assignments I am giving you.  I will never let you face these tasks alone. I will not give up on you or leave you no matter how many times you may fail. I am giving you some very challenging tests this year. You can get the assignments done and pass the tests if we work closely together.”
            What are you going to say to him?  What are you going to do?

Prayer:  God, thank you for being in control this year. We have much to learn. Give us wisdom, strength, and courage.
Application: Make signs to put outside your classroom door, inside on the walls, on your desk, computer screen saver, and lesson plan book that simply say, “BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS.” No scripture reference should be on sign(s). Use graphics of lions with your signs. Daily read, believe, and do it.
Sharing:  At what time in your career and/or your life did you face your greatest challenge and need the most strength and courage?  Explain.

*These classroom situations are all real. Names and classroom assignments have been changed for confidentiality throughout this entire work.


Prayerfully dependent,

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May God bless you with success His way this 2013-2014 school year.

Note: To more fully understand the 16-9 Movement, please read the first blog entry byclicking here.

Christian Educators Association International is the only professional association in the United States specifically for Christian educators in public schools.  CEAI protects our members first in prayer, next with excellent professional liability insurance and other benefits while helping them live out their high calling as a Christian in the public school.  

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