Sunday, October 19, 2014

Prayer in School

The power of prayer can never be underestimated. Are you praying at school? Most of us spend the majority of our time in school, therefore it would only make sense that we spend the majority of our prayer time there also, right? Ok, I know that's impossible, but certainly a good amount of prayer is a necessity. How can you possibly have enough time to pray with all the things that have to get done in a busy school day? How can you possibly go without prayer? Making prayer the foundation of each day with definitely set the day on its right course and will give you the sense of connectivity to the One Who can make all things possible.

The reason I am writing this encouragement to pray when it's about one quarter into the school year is because we often start with good intentions - have a back-to-school prayer breakfast, do a prayerwalk around the school and even start a prayer group with our peers. However, it is normal to get weighed down with the increasing responsibilities by this time of the year and that is why I am proposing the urgency of prayer.

Prayer that is legal in the public schools is always reverent, private and is NEVER with the students. It is always FOR the students, our colleagues, our administration, our staff and our community. These are a few ways to pray legally and gracefully.  (Please add some other ways you and your brothers and sisters pray at school to the comments below.)
  • 1st Step Prayer - The first step you take out of your car, pray for the needs of that new day. Pray for the travel of the students coming to school and those who will be working with the students that day.
  • Wellness Prayer - Take a walk around your school each morning and pray aloud with another colleague. These prayers are done with your eyes open and look like normal conversation. Others will often ask if you are in a wellness program and the answer is certainly, "Yes, the best wellness program available." Being in prayer before the start of the day is the best wellness there is!
  • Encouragement groups - Who doesn't need encouragement? Form a small group of believers on campus who meet BEFORE or AFTER the school day to pray in unity for the needs of your particular school community.
  • Anointed prayers - Pray over the entrance to your classroom, office or building for each person who enters the area. Some even anoint the door with oil.
  • Seat prayers - Sit in the seat of the students and pray specifically for the child/children who sit in that seat. This prayer should be done BEFORE or AFTER school and can be one of the most incredible interventions made on behalf of the student. If you do one a day, you can really concentrate on the needs of the students.
  • 1:16PM Prayer  - Join educators across the nation who are praying at exactly 1:16PM across the time zones in a reverent, discreet and private prayer of thanksgiving. Prayer Prompts are offered each day, but a prayer of thanksgiving, praise or help for the immediate needs is wonderful. Can you imagine the power of this prayer of unity? For more information, go to
Although these are just a few ideas, the message is the same - Christians in the public school are under authority and we understand the legality of private prayer and cherish being connected to each other and our Mighty God to be a blessing to those we serve in the public schools. Be gracious, be kind, be loving and most of all be connected to each other.

May God bless you and keep you and grant you the needs of your schools community.

As always I am
Prayerfully dependent on Him,

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May God bless you with success His way this 2014-2015 school year.

Note: To more fully understand the 16-9 Movement, please read the first blog entry by clicking here.

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