Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CIPE's 12th Annual Back-To-School Prayer Breakfast

Seminole County, FL is truly blessed by giving and loving Christians. District leaders, school board members and educators across the district and neighboring counties came to the 12th annual C.I.P.E. Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, September 28th.  Seminole Senior High School even has a gospel choir that rocked the house.  C.I.P.E. (Christians in Public Education), a network of CEAI, Christian Educators Assoc. Int., hosted the breakfast to bring God glory and to gather his people in a beautiful setting with an opportunity to praise and pray.

Linda Urichko, a middle school teacher from Milwee Middle in Seminole County, was the guest speaker after the delicious meal. Her rapid-fire description of the life of teachers left us all breathless and in awe of what at teacher has to accomplish in just one day. She wove a beautiful message with props and scripture to encourage all educators that they and their students matter. Jane McCann led the group in corporate prayer. This tender time of supplication was orchestrated through Jane’s prompting, but experienced at the table level. A commissioning of the educators through the north, south, east and west corners of the room by local pastors concluded the prayer session. A time of vision was shared to encourage educators to create prayer groups as their school.

Are there any prayer breakfast events in your district? If so, please let us know so we can share how you praise God. If not, may God bless you with the opportunity to begin one. The breakfast doesn’t have to be elaborate and in a fancy place. They are often simple, hosted and provided by local churches, but give public and private school educators a chance to share stories of His love and mercy, opportunities to grown in ways we can live out our faith legally and gracefully and to proclaim His blessings upon our schools. Please consider bringing Christian educators together in your area and if you need any help, ideas or want lessons learned, please let us know.

The C.I.P.E. planning team meets several times during the year to plan the breakfast and other smaller events and will be hosting a Bible study beginning soon at Northland Church. For more information, please contact Jan McCann.

Prayerfully dependent,

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May God bless you with success His way this 2013-2014 school year.

Note: To more fully understand the 16-9 Movement, please read the first blog entry by clicking here.

Christian Educators Association International is the only professional association in the United States specifically for Christian educators in public schools.  CEAI protects our members first in prayer, next with excellent professional liability insurance and other benefits while helping them live out their high calling as a Christian in the public school.  

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