Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mission in Motion

We are on a mission. Can you tell? Being on a mission and being focused is very important.  That’s why 16-9 is appealing. Big ideas can often become clouded with big explanations, but what helps all of us get on board a mission is when the big idea can be expounded in a phrase. 16-9 is the trigger to remember how to be a gracious and legal Christian in the public school. Memorize the first 16 words of the First Amendment and the 9 fruits of the Spirit. (Please read the first post for more information). With any big idea, the next step is, “What do we do about it?”  CEAI, Christian Educators Assoc. Int. has been encouraging, equipping and empowering public and private school educators since 1953, but we need help because we are still the best kept secret in America.  One of our members has been inspired to reach educators through Mission in Motion.

Gail was inspired to go to her church leadership and ask for their permission and seek their vision to empower teachers in the public school as the missionaries that they are. Her church caught the vision and has begun the ministry of Mission in Motion.  The elders of the church have added teachers as missionaries to the educational division of the church and have set goals (see image above).  Teachers in Gail’s church are meeting once and month to understand their role as a missionaries in the public school and encouraging each other to be equipped. They are establishing or joining prayer groups in their schools to pray for their administrators, colleagues, students and school community.  Some are partnering with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) to establish student groups at their schools. Teachers from this church alone represent 11 schools in the local area alone. Can you imagine the impact that just one denomination can make as they replicate this ministry?  As we partner with Mission in Motion, our goal in the 16-9 movement is to help Christian educators everywhere to be balanced, well-informed, graceful Christians who know the law and love the Lord. We want to be contagious, appealing, but never overbearing as we seek to serve others on our campuses. Thank you so much to the members of Gail’s church for being visionaries and pioneers in the development of this teacher missionary model.

Prayerfully yours,

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