Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grateful Thanks

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have the opportunity to stop and give grateful thanks to God for all He has done for us. Being reflective is a normal process of teaching. We look at our lessons and know immediately what worked and what didn’t.  We know how to “tweak” the process to make it better and most times our reflection is a result of humility when things didn’t go as planned. This year as you approach Thanksgiving, be sure to etch out some time to speak to God about His incredible gifts He has bestowed upon us all.  A simple practice that I have been doing for years is to jot down a statement each time I remember a significant blessings.  Every morning when I have Bible Study and devotional times, I open the Bible randomly and scout the page for words that are “sent” to me. Once I identify a portion, I write it down in a three-ring binder that has 365 pages. This notebook will last 4 years because I use only ¼ of the page each time as I write a note back to God about the verse and what He had done for me. After writing my love note to the Lord, if anything significant happened the day before, I turn to the front of the notebook where I have added a few more pages and keep a running list of “blessings.”  It doesn’t happen everything single day even though I could count God’s blessings each day without effort. The kinds of blessings I write down are typically for healings, traveling mercies, grandbaby blessings and family milestones. What is so great about this simple system is that by Thanksgiving, I have recorded typically 50-80 blessings that I would have otherwise forgotten.  On Thanksgiving morning, I am able to pull up my list and thank God from Whom all blessings flow.
We have so much to be thankful for as teachers. Our profession is perhaps the most unique in its foundation to all other careers and potential to impact. It is also the most dynamic career since we get a refresh opportunity each year with new students, new curriculum and new opportunities. But most of all, we are blessed to be given the opportunity to be “Jesus with skin on” to thousands of children who may never know Jesus. It is a humbling call with heavenly implications. May God bless you, your family and your students with a restful and grateful Thanksgiving holiday.

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  1. Thanksgiving is also a time to discern between blessings: the blessings of the New Testament, like the 9 fruits of the Spirit (and especially the Spirit himself), in contrast to the blessings of the Old Testament, like the promised land, prosperity, and fruitful families. I used the word "contrast" because those blessings from God's covenant with Israel are not spoken of as blessings in the new covenant with disciples of Jesus.